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genpo roshi

Genpo Roshi

Born Dennis Merzel, in New York City, Genpo Roshi grew up in Long Beach California. He attended both Long Beach College and the University of Southern California, where he earned a Masters of Education. During this time he also was awarded All American honors, and a led an undefeated champion Water Polo team. The name and title “Genpo Roshi” were given to him during his studies with Taizan Maezumi, Roshi, the founder of Zen Center of Los Angeles. Genpo Roshi studied under Maezumi Roshi from 1972 until Maezumi Roshi’s death in 1995. Genpo Roshi and his successors have now gone on to establish Zen Centers in the United States, England, France, The Netherlands, Belgium Germany and Poland.

Currently the Abbot and founder of Kanzeon Sangha International, he’s also the author of 5 books and numerous DVD’s on both traditional and Western Zen, and has been a driving force in the effort to introduce Zen to the people of North America and Europe.

To us it’s not really any surprise that this modern day Zen Master has found a more effective way for modern people to improve their lives through the merging of this ancient and respected tradition of meditation and contemplation with the insights of western psychology and science. That method is called the Big Mind Big Heart Western Zen Approach to Life and it’s proved to be particularly effective.

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