Transcendent Nation Foundation

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The primary aim of the Transcendent Nation Foundation is to promote the possibility of world peace by means of personal realization and holographic action. This is based on the simple idea that when a critical mass in the body of humanity awakens, the whole collective will be awakened.

The Transcendent Nation Foundation, in collaboration with its for-profit partners, seeks to catalyze this global spiritual renaissance using education, art and online media. We reach out to those who have not asked the question of how to save the world by meeting them where they spend time and engage, including in social media and online games.

We also want to bridge a perceived gap between those who are currently working on creating a better world through spiritual practice and those who are focused on furthering peace, justice and sustainability through concrete, compassionate action in the world.

It is our view that change in the world will come through cultivating this balance of wisdom and compassion in each of our individual lives. We also believe that it truly is possible for the world to emerge from the current state of discord and duality into a state of peace and harmony. In fact, we believe that it is the work of our age to see that this happens.

While many living wisdom traditions contain extensive teachings on how human beings—and the whole human race as a collective—can achieve such integration and peace, it is a paradox of the current information age that their value is often overlooked or forgotten.

Why is this? For millennia, we humans have identified with a false self. This illusory or dreamlike person is the one we have referred to as ‘I’. This identification with our limited, personal egos has caused conflict, as each person has perceived him or herself as the center of the world, and, therefore, more important than everyone and everything else. Amplify this disposition by seven billion human beings, and we have created a world of suffering and conflict. Grouping of people into collective identities such as clans, tribes or nations has not really helped diffuse that inclination much to date. In fact, coming together in groups has magnified this self-centered tendency to demonize or subjugate the “others”, e.g. those with whom one’s limited self does not identify. Thus, we find ourselves, still, in a world riddled with wars and conflicts based on self-interest.

Trying to fix this dreamlike world without changing ourselves is ultimately futile, although not purposeless in the short term. The state of the world is ‘like a dream’ but it is not merely a dream. Humanity’s suffering is real and we need to take action to alleviate the immediate pain of war and poverty. However, in order to end suffering and conflict altogether, we must identify and address the root cause of human discord and wake up to the true nature of reality as an interdependent whole.

Each one of us is creating our experience of reality, ‘our world’. Rather than trying to change outer reality, we must concentrate first on changing our own perception and the rest will follow naturally. If you want to change what you look like in the mirror, do you change the reflection or yourself? In transforming our perception and understanding of ourselves, we transform our relationships to each other, our environment and the world. When we as a collective of individuals dedicate ourselves to this possibility sufficiently, the entire world will be transformed.

This is not merely theoretical, but has practical application. A pervasive experience of the recognition that ‘we are all related’ inherently causes action that is socially and environmentally balanced. The full realization of the oneness of humanity and the interdependence of all things can permanently resolve the imbalances of war, poverty, disease, and other causes of suffering.

Relatively few people working in business or digital media are addressing the powerful synergy that exists naturally between the Web and spirituality. The Transcendent Nation Foundation recognizes that the Internet can and will play a key role in supporting a global renaissance based on wisdom and compassion.

We are dedicated to making this happen by:
-- Preserving and championing living wisdom traditions
-- Stewarding a collective vision of how to save the world
-- Providing philanthropic support for like-minded initiatives

World peace is not only possible… it is possible within our lifetime.

Transcendent Nation Foundation